My Confession: I used my rich friend’s things to get a girl


May 06, 2016

STAR, mi is a struggling ghetto youth, and pon a regular basis, most gyal wouldn't even give me the time of day if me ask them. But a wah tell you say mi get a nice uptown gyal the other day, just because she did think me rich.

Mek me tell you how it go. Mi and mi best friend, Marcus, grow up inna the garrison, but him mother file fi him when him was about 13, so him go a foreign and make life fi himself ova the years. Mi a tell you the truth, me no know what him do a foreign fi a mek dem kind a money deh, but a no play-play money me talk bout.

The man send down money fi build a nice mansion up inna St Andrew. When it finish him tell me fi go up there go watch the place till him come the following month because a me alone him trust dem way deh.

Remember a ghetto me come from, so me neva really know how uppa dem place deh work. Mi only know say thief love target dem place deh because a pure rich people live up deh. So mi decide say me a watch the place good, me nah mek nobody come near the house.

Me always a walk round the yard and act like me a water the lawn or go inna the pool, but a thief me a look fah. The next week afta me move in me notice a nice, good-looking girl a jog a morning time. From me see har me know say she a uptown girl. She just have the look.

Everyday the girl a jog pass the house, she slow down and a stretch in font the gate fi me see har. So one day me go out deh fi explain to har say me a take care of the house fi me friend so me no want she stop a the gate and attract tief to the house. But before me coulda open me mouth, she start flirt wid me!

She say me look like a 'bad boy' and she love that. She start tell me how much she admire a bad boy that makes it big in life. From I born, a girl neva flirt wid me yet! Imagine how me skin ketch a fire when this yah girl a talk to me. Mi couldn't tell har say me is a poor ghetto youth.

The next day me invite har inna the house, and before me coulda say anything, she jump pon me! Mi no affi tell you what happen next. Everyday after that was the same thing! It was the best time inna me life.

Mi did so sad when mi friend tell mi say him a come fi him house. Mi affi tell the girl say me ago fly out and me will call her when me reach. Pity she no know say a dung a town me deh a sell melon and pine.

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