STAR of the Month: Fun Facts about Chi Ching Ching

May 06, 2016
Chi Ching Ching
Gladstone Taylor/Freelance Photographer Chi Ching Ching

We have a whole month with Chi Ching Ching as he is the STAR of the Month for May. We found out some interesting things about the 'Breadfruit' singer, and we decided to compile a list for you so you too could learn more about the artiste. Here are some fun facts about Chi Ching Ching.

1. He is completely fearless. Aside from the fear of God, the artiste says there is nothing on Earth that he is afraid of.

2. He is 6 feet 7 inches tall.

3. He used to attend Mountain View Primary School before moving to Stony Hill where he was a student at Golden Spring Primary School.

4. The artiste has several calluses (corns) on his hands from walking around with a red carpet to every dancehall event he attended for five years. He no longer carries the red carpet, but said he carries the memories to remind him of the struggle and where he's coming from.

5. The entertainer has two children, a boy and a girl.

6. He used to work as a 'side man' on a truck in downtown Kingston. He was contracted to work for two weeks, but did such a great job that he was asked to stay on. He was eventually asked by his supervisor to take on the role of sales representative for the store. He sold soap and laundry detergent.

7. He never had the opportunity to attend school regularly because his father could not afford to send him every day.

8. He used to dance with a group known as All Stars Dancers.

9. The entertainer has struggled with finding clothes to match his height all his life, especially in Jamaica. He is happy that he is now in a position to shop overseas as the clothes sourced there generally fit better.

10. He doesn't have a strategy for writing songs. He said his inspiration comes from the happenings of life.

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