Chi Ching Ching idolises Bogle

May 16, 2016
Contributed Chi Ching Ching

Chi Ching Ching started his career in dancehall as a dancer, so it is no surprise that he idolises one of the most revered dancers the country has ever produced, the late dance icon Gerald 'Bogle' Levy.

Our STAR of the Month spoke at lengths about the respect he has for Bogle, stating that without his contributions to dancehall and dancing, the industry would not be the same. "Bogle is the one who started the whole dancing thing innu, so respect due to him," he said. "Back in the day when Bogle did a dance, people used to wonder if him mad, but a him inspire a lot of youths to dance."

Reminiscing on the late dancer's own influence on him, Chi Ching Ching said that once you desire to become a dancer as a youth from Jamaica, Bogle should be one of your biggest inspirations. "Bogle make a lot of youth know say dem can dance. Him make people respect dancing in Jamaica and outside of Jamaica," he said. "Every dancer weh a look fi take the dancing thing serious suppose to say Bogle, and any dancer weh nah say Bogle nuh make no sense because him a foundation, and if you don't look up to him is like yuh lost to what's going on because a him a di man weh make dancing in dancehall continue."

The entertainer, who is most popularly known for his catchy 'dancing songs', told THE STAR that over the years, he has continued to produce music that makes people dance because of the impact Bogle had on his life. He revealed that that influence has caused him to tribute his latest project, Nacho, to the late dancer. "Mi stay under the regime of Bogle innu and Nacho is dedicated to Bogle."

Nacho was recorded on the Orgasm rhythm by Jam 2 Records and was released last month. The music video for the song was released last week on YouTube and has already garnered more than 6000 views.

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