A truck driver's narrow escape


May 16, 2016

Howdie! What's up!? Unuh good!? Well, if you're not and you're alive, give thanks for life!

On going to Ocho Rios recently, I came upon a truck incident that, hadn't it played out the way it did, could have claimed both the driver and passenger's lives! It was a frightening experience for a passer-by, so just imagine being in the truck.

When I reached the scene, the truck's rear wheels were on fire, while the front right wheel was over the concrete partition in the middle of the toll road. It was a sight to behold. The stench from the tires could be smelt from miles up the road.

As soon as the car I was in came to a full stop, I was the first one to jump out - my phone in hand; let the investigation begin! LOL! People were already on the scene. Cars were lining up and people were just #curious .... More like #fass! Everyone wanted to know what what happened and I was not gonna be left out. Hell no! My ears were perked up as people either made statements or had questions.

"Hey, man, fire underneath it, enuh!" someone said.

"Mi a watch him from when, enuh," came from someone who was obviously driving behind the truck.

"Five a wi a come dung and mi say mi see the wheel a ketch a fire!" another person said.

"So weh the driver!? another person asked.

"Him good man, him skill!" someone answered.

I could not even keep up with who was saying what or asking questions, at this point it seems words were just flying over my head.

I heard one guy, who was apparently a passenger in the truck with the driver, talking, so I drew closer for a personal one on one.

"Mi did eena the truck and mi jump out left him!" Mi mouth drop open.

"You jumped?" I said surprised. He said, "Yes, miss!"

I asked if he was hurt and he said his hand, lip and left finger got scratched and his side was hurting a little. I wanted to hear more, so I dug deeper.

"Can you tell me what happened leading up to you jumping from the truck?" I asked.

He said, "Wi a cum inna di truck and him realise say him nah no brake. When we reach the top of the hill, him say the brake nah work so mi fi jump; so mi jump left him."

LMAO! It serious, but if you see and heard the way he was telling it, you would laugh, too! I asked him for the driver; he said he didn't know and he didn't go back to look for him. He hopped around with his wounds, but you could tell the few scratches were better than being dead or suffering from a broken limb.

The crowd was getting bigger. Cameras were out. We all just so camera-ready these days, it not funny. Before people even think of helping, they have to shoot a video first. Like, really?!

Anyways, I'm happy it wasn't worse and they both escaped with a few scratches, but they got life. What nuh kill yuh only make yuh stronger. Thank God the truck landed where it did or things could have been worse. Give thanks fi life yes! Walk good yah people!


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