Five Questions with Ching - The Olympic edition

May 31, 2016
Contributed Chi Ching Ching

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio are drawing closer, and our STAR of The Month, Chi Ching Ching, is rather excited about the games. We sought to get some feedback from him on how he believes Jamaica will fair in the upcoming games. Here are five questions with Chi Ching Ching - the Olympic edition.

1. Are you excited about the Olympic Games coming up?

Ching: As a Jamaican I'm so excited about the upcoming Olympic Games. You know we always mash up the Olympics. We always go there and do our best and shine the brightest.

2. Who do you think will win the 100m for men and women?

Ching: Shelly-Ann Fraser a take the 100 for women, enuh, and, of course, Bolt fi di men.

di men.

3. Who are your favourite male and female sprinters and why?

Ching: Well, I don't really have a favourite sprinter, enuh. I always try to endorse the whole Jamaican team because everybody on the team work hard and deserve credit in their own right, so I don't have favourites. I support everybody.

4. How many medals do you think Jamaica will take home this year?

Ching: Well, in 2012, we carry home four gold medals, four silver, and four bronze, so fi da year yah, mi a say six gold medal, six silver, and four bronze. So dat a 16 medal because mi think the ting step up likkle more.

up likkle more.

5. Usain Bolt has said that after this Olympics he will be retiring from the sport, do you think he should?

Ching: I think he should retire yes. He has proven that he is the greatest and should retire with that title. He is the fastest man alive and should retire as a champion, so this should be his last Olympics. He should retire holding up that championship title.

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