Where Are They Now: Right time for Laden

June 03, 2016
Contributed Laden
Contributed Closing off the show, Working Hard singer Laden delivered a set of uplifting singles for the contestants and audience inside D'Entrance in St Andrew during a recent staging of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

Despite what seems like a noticeable absence from the music scene, O'Keefe Aaron, more popularly known as Laden, says he believes things are looking up for him, and he plans to make some career moves that will see him returning to the top of the industry.

The entertainer, who gained popularity following his eight place finish on Digicel Rising Stars in 2006, said that after leaving the competition he managed to capture the attention of many Jamaicans, including the likes of producers from the notable record label, Big Ship Records. It was there that the artiste honed his talent and began churning out hits in no time.

With songs like Really Like You, Time to Shine and Working Hard, Laden's rose to fame almost instantaneously. The entertainer was among the hottest local acts and was receiving heavy bookings across the United States and the United Kingdom. Things were going pretty good for Laden until an unfortunate incident in 2013 dealt a hard blow to his career.

serious impact

While embarking on a series of shows in the United States in 2013, the entertainer was reportedly found with a 'spliff tail' hanging from his pocket US immigration while at the airport in Los Angeles, California. That incident had a serious impact on the entertainer's career as his visa was revoked and he was deported back to Jamaica. Since then, things have been relatively quiet as far as his career is concerned, but Laden believes the time has come for him to make his comeback.

"Not having my visa impacted my career a lot because you know the US market is one of dancehall's most popular market and I was in demand. I was travelling all over the states at one point, so not being able to travel there was a big setback for me," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The entertainer also explained that since the 2013 incident he has stayed clear of trouble and has been putting in the work in order to have his visa returned soon.

"I don't want to say anything out of the way and sound like I'm bragging, but a God we say enuh, so by the mercy of God I think I will get it back because I need it. I do music so I have to travel," Laden said.

very hard

Laden explained that things are still sailing smoothly for him at Big Ship Records so he predicts a hit song is soon in coming.

"We have been working very hard enuh and the time is now," he said explaining that he believes his latest single, Time Is Now, has the right substance to take him back to the top.

"Time Is Now is definitely going to be a number one song. It's the type of song that grows on people and it is being played all over the world so it's going to get there," Laden said.

"I've been working hard. Not because you don't see me that doesn't mean I've stopped working. I'm recording for some of the top producers in the industry like Troyton, Seanizzle, Di Genius and Markus Myrie, so look out for music from them. I also have my mixtape coming up, so it's just work and more work."

As far as bookings go, the entertainer says he is scheduled to make his first trip to Japan in August.

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