A Day in the Life of the Curvy Diva

June 22, 2016
Sprinting up the hill was no joke.
Running up the hills of Mountain Spring was no easy feat.
Yanique throws a few punches with her trainer, Patrice White, as her sparring partner.
Yanique may have been tired, but her trainer, Patrice White, was not having it.
When there's a tree branch in the way, you move it.
A little sweaty, but Yanique still looked hot as she posed for the camera.
With her trainer, Patrice White, on hand, Yanique was busy lifting tyres.
Yanique was all smiles in her new Mercedes Benz.
Yanique caught doing her jabs.
These big tyres came in quite handy during the work out.


She has the curves many envy, but getting her body sculpted takes a lot of hard work. THE STAR team spent an entire day with the Curvy Diva, Yanique Barrett, and found out just how much work goes into keeping those curves on 'fleek'.

We met up with Patrice White, Yanique's personal trainer, at her upper St Andrew residence and we were in for quite a treat. THE STAR team quickly found out not to judge a book by its cover as White transformed from a petite, unassuming fitness trainer into a beast the minute Barrett arrived for her daily workout. With tire presses, battle ropes, burpees and tire flips on schedule for the afternoon, the Curvy Diva was in for an intense workout session and she was all game - at least for the most parts

The tire flips proved a little too much to handle at times with Yanique declaring the flips a challenge because of her manicured nails.

"Pat, it nah work. I can't grip the tire with my nails," she said, before finding a way to make it work

Squatting all the way, Barrett completed the required number of flips with ease. By the time she was done, sweat was dripping from her face, and by now, she was complaining about the heat.

But the workout wasn't over, as she still had boxing to do.

"I float like a butterfly and I sting like a bee," she said, quoting the late great Muhammad Ali.

After completing a few rounds of jabs with White as her sparring partner, there was still more to come.

"We're going to hell," Yanique said as we made our way to Mountain Springs for the sprint sessions.

When we got there, we saw just why she made that comparison. The hills were steep, and one got tired from just looking at the incline. However, with the goal of getting her legs toned in mind, the Curvy Diva sprinted up those hills like a true champ.

Following all that hard work, the Curvy Diva was treated to a brand new Mercedes Benz courtesy of her new management team. Stating that she has overcome some very difficult times, Barrett told THE STAR that she is grateful for all that she has been able to accomplish in life.

"We have a new management company, and this is a part of the benefits of working with them and I’m just enjoying myself. Thank you Jesus. I've worked hard. I've put in the work and I'm just very very grateful," she said.

"I remember last year when I had the likkle red car and it put down a piece a pop dung pon mi pon di road, and mi say, 'Jesus, I'm tired of this car popping down on me,' and I said enough is enough and I claimed it."

After she put pen to paper, the Curvy Diva drove out in her new Mercedes Benz wrapping up the Day in the Life feature.

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