Too much backbiting in media

June 29, 2016
Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett
Fluffy Diva, Miss Kitty, along with Yanique was suspended from duties after a public spat on the Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall show on Television Jamaica.

We have come to understand that our STAR of the Month, Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett, is a straight talker. She just tells it like she sees it.

Barrett told THE STAR that she believes persons in media have allowed themselves to become corrupted and extremely hypocritical.

Having experienced the harsh working environments herself, the Curvy Diva explained that there is absolutely no need for all the 'backbiting' she sees in media.

"There is too much backbiting in media. I don't know what's wrong with these people," she said.

"We need to stop because it's not necessary. Everybody have them time fi shine. You don't need to hate anybody; you don't need to be bitter because everybody have their moment," the Curvy Diva said.


people fighting


She recalled having adverse feelings towards a person in the past, and said with the experience she vowed never to allow hatred a space in her heart again.

"Every time one person name was mentioned, I felt sick. My mother told me that what I was feeling was hate, and I said to myself I don't want this feeling, I don't want to give anybody that power," she said.

Meanwhile, Barrett said that she strives to be herself and not compete with anyone.

"I don't want to compete with anybody tit-for- tat, I don't want that. I think there is too much of that in media. Too much people fighting each other," she explained.

Those comments come nearly two months after a public spat with Kiss Kitty, which saw both of them being suspended from the 'Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall' show on Television Jamaica.

Barrett, the show's host, and resident judge Miss Kitty, the 'Fluffy Diva', had an exchange of words on air during the show which was being carried live on television. The stand-off is said to have emerged from Barrett's adoption of the diva moniker.

"Stop fighting, it's not necessary. There is space in the business for everybody," is the 'Curvy Diva's advice to her colleagues in media.

"Find your niche, hold it, and build on it and if somebody inna di spot and like it, build with them. If a next Curvy Diva come out mi build wid her too, two a we aright," she concluded.

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