Artistes support Reggae Sumfest month

July 07, 2016

For this month's edition of STAR of the Month, our news team decided to switch things up a bit. So instead of featuring an artiste, the feature will put one of Jamaica's most anticipated reggae event into the spotlight. Reggae Sumfest is The STAR of the Month, and a fitting one as organisers of the festival recently revealed that July has been declared as Reggae Sumfest Month.

Josef Bogdanovich, chairman and CEO of Downsound Entertainment, the new producers of Reggae Sumfest, said the decision to declare July as Reggae Sumfest Month was a 'good fit'.

"July is already a special month for reggae music. With Reggae Sumfest being held in July for more than two decades, the decision was a good fit," he said. "This is also a very special year for Sumfest - as we transition to a bigger format. I think people are going to find out that some really good things are going to happen this year. I think the show is going to be amped up in terms of production, and I think this show is going to be magical."

In commemoration of July being declared as Reggae Sumfest Month, the Reggae Sumfest team has added a special 10 per cent birthday discount to celebrate the move. This discount will be available to persons born in July who will be attending the festival. "For each show night, these persons will receive this discount. It will only be offered to patrons who are buying their tickets at the gate and they must bring their IDs to prove that they were actually born in July," he explained. "Offering this discount is really in celebration of Jamaica's culture and what Reggae Sumfest represents."

Dancehall artiste Spice has no issue with July being declared Reggae Sumfest Month. "A lot of tourists plan their vacation in July specifically to attend the festival," she said. "Our country needs to start supporting our own culture, so I say yes to this move."

Spice is one of the few females on this year's line-up for dancehall night. She said her fans can expect nothing less than a stellar performance from her. "Fans can expect my usual A-game for Sumfest. I'm coming to make a stamp this year and to give my best Sumfest performance ever."

Nesbeth also supports the move, hoping it will bring positive returns. "It's something new and they must have a reason why they made that decision. I'm an optimistic person, so I will wait and see what happens with the show this year, but I don't have a problem with July being Reggae Sumfest Month," the My Dream singer said.

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