Where are they now? : Imperial ready to top dancehall again

July 29, 2016
Contributed Imperial
Contributed Imperial
File Imperial in 2005 when he was known as Alley Cat

Veteran artiste and producer, Imperial, formerly known as Alley Cat, is gearing up to reclaim a top spot in the dancehall industry with his new EP, Doing Better.

The deejay, who was one of the hottest entertainers in the 1990s, has been doing a lot of work in the studios in recent times and expects his current project to do really well.

"My current EP consists of two tracks produced by myself for the Imperial Productions label," he said. "It's already on iTunes and all over the digital platform. The songs on it are doing well especially the track, Doing Better. A lot of work is being done, and the EP is hot, so once the Jamaican massive hear the tracks, it is going to be an even bigger hit."

A former Kingston College student, Imperial made his recording debut in 1996. He released many songs during the height of his career, including Girls Tour, Brag and Boast and A Gal A Say She Hotter.

The deejay wants his fans to know that even when it seemed like he was no longer in the music business, he was still writing and producing.

"I've been doing a lot of producing. I've been in the studio building beats, writing songs. I've been doing a lot of shows overseas, and I have a new mixtape out now, so the work is being done," he said.

Imperial said that his seeming absence from the local music scene is due to several factors, including politics in the music industry.

"I'm not finding it difficult to make a hit song, you know. Actually, every song that I put out is a hit. It's just the politics of the music business that make it seem otherwise. You know, everybody have them special interest and stuff like that, and because I'm a person that speak my mind and speak the truth, sometimes the politics get the best of you in certain ways. I'm a hitmaker, and the hits will never stop, and you'll hear that in my current works," Imperial said.

Firmly in his new role as a producer, Imperial is hoping to break into new markets.

"My next aim is to try and conquer the African continent because I hear that reggae music is picking up strong over there and there, are a lot of African youths jumping on to the reggae bandwagon, so we as Jamaican artistes need to enter Africa more frequently to make our mark," he said. "I also want to get into the Spanish market, so I'm working on that."

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