Greetings at Christmas is a cultural thing - Fae Ellington

December 22, 2016
@Normal:Dressed in a beautiful bandanna print, 2016 Restaurant Week Ambassador Fae Ellington is ready to dine at Redbones Blues Café.

Greeting during Christmas time has a significant meaning. According to communication specialist Fae Ellington, it is a cultural thing.

She said, "It is something that I have observed for 40 years that has served an important purpose."

Ellington added that these greetings played an even bigger role before persons had access to social media and text messaging.

"You would think that it would have died down with the new era. It says, 'see mi nuh figet my relatives a yard or aboard'. It's part of connecting with family and friends," Ellington said.

good wishes

Since it is customary for Jamaicans to send greetings to their loved ones and friends, THE STAR took to the streets of the Corporate Area to hear some of these holiday good wishes. The persons sending greetings were far from shy, and they were more than excited to send sweet words for persons in Jamaica, the United States and Canada.

You can watch this video by visiting or visiting the Jamaica Star Online page on YouTube.

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