Christmas brings back fond memories for Fae

December 23, 2016
Fae Ellington

It was difficult for Fae Ellington to narrow down her favourite Christmas experience to just one specific thing. Instead, she provided THE WEEKEND STAR with a range of events that stand out in her memory.

"As a child growing up in Clarendon, we had grand market in the square. That time of the year was cold and we had to have our sweater and blanket," she said.

While most children look forward to grand market, she was just as excited about a special type of soda.

"As children, we looked forward to what was called aerated water. It was a very special treat for children to get a full bottle, your own bottle."

Ellington also told THE WEEKEND STAR that she had to raise a chicken that would be killed for Christmas.

"We had to fatten it up all year, and we cook it down in a three-foot iron pot and put in on the wood fire," Ellington said, adding that she also associated tangerines with the festive season.

But it was not just about spending the time with family; Ellington said sharing was also part of the festivites.

"We (my cousin and I) had to carry up Christmas dinner for persons in the community even before we ate," she said.

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