Schools' Challenge Quiz: Glenmuir beats Montego Bay High

March 03, 2017
The Glenmuir High School quiz team.

Four-time champions Glenmuir High School advanced to round three of TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz after beating Montego Bay High School 30-18 yesterday.

Though happy for the victory, one of the team's coaches, Owen Rodney, said it was not a "vintage Glenmuir win" given the low score, and that the team has much work to do in preparation for their next match.

The Clarendon school, which is also coached by Andrew Gordon, has tasted victory in 1995, 1999, 2001, and 2002.

Despite their decorated history and being seeded at number 11 this year, Glenmuir's captain, Owayne Rodney, said he was nervous going into the 15th match in round two of the competition against the number 43-ranked St James-based school.

"It comes with the match," Rodney explained. His team members are Lawayne Williams, Deandre Nelson, and Martin Richards.

despite the odds

On the other side, Montego Bay High, which was represented by captain Asha-Lee Cole, Toni-Shea Grey, Alison Davis, and Shenae Lewis said they were hoping for the best despite the odds.

"All that I can say is that I'm depending on God. We put in the training. I believe anything is possible because even looking back at the match that happened yesterday where David slew Goliath, so anything is possible," Cole told THE STAR in a pre-match interview.

Having won the toss, Montego Bay High opted to go first.

The match started off slow, but was close. Round one ended with Glenmuir on four points and Montego Bay High on five.

However, Glenmuir inched ahead in round two on 18 points, with Montego Bay on 14 points.

Glenmuir High then widened the gap in the buzzer section by 12 points, kicking the western school out of this year's competition.

Gracious in defeat, Montego Bay's coach, Adriel Valentine, said he was still proud of his team's performance as the girls did their best.

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