Mutt, the radiator repair man

May 30, 2017

Once you enter the community of Frome in Westmoreland and utter the word ‘radiator’ all eyes usually turn towards a board shop operated by Sainty Johnson.

It has only been a mere five years since Johnson, popularly known as Mutt, opened his radiator repair shop in Frome. However, in that short time, he has developed an enviable reputation as a master of his craft.

“I have been in this business from I was in my teens, so it’s over 40 years I have been doing this,” said Johnson, when The WESTERN STAR caught up with him recently.

“I can repair the radiator on any vehicle ... . I work for the regular man, the sugar factory, and even hotels.”

Mutt, however, has not been able to escape the clutches of criminality, which appears to stalk the land.

“I’ve had my shop broken into and people’s things get stolen and I had to pay for them,” said Johnson. “So, sometimes the business is not easy.”

“I am not giving up,” said Johnson, who has blended into the community and has won the love and respect of the residents.

The gifted Johnson, who was born in the community of Town Head, spent nearly 10 years in the capital city, Kingston, earning from his craft. He achieved his dream of becoming his own boss when he opened his own radiator shop in Savanna-la- Mar. That allowed him to fulfil another of his dreams, which was to teach the skill to interested youngsters in his home parish.

“It is more than 60 youths I teach this trade. Some of them either gone on their own or they are overseas, continuing the trade,” said Johnson.

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