Everyday Heroes : Nancy gave his all to Stony Hill

October 13, 2017
Ferdinand 'Nancy' Smith
Ferdinand 'Nancy' Smith

Ferdinand ‘Nancy’ Smith's memories will forever be etched in the hearts of natives in West Rural St. Andrew. Described as a community hero and stalwart, it came as no surprise that hundreds of people who happen to know him, or know of him, were plunged into mourning following his death last month.

Smith, whose selfless life spawned decades, lived in Stony Hill and his acts of kindness and good deeds, was felt beyond the surrounding environs.

From the infant to the elderly, everyone has been touched directly or indirectly by this true model of a community hero.

Nancy departed this live, leaving family and friends on September 26, at the age of 63.

This Sunday, the community of Stony Hill will host a benefit event at Shoppy’s Car Wash and all proceeds will go to Nancy’s funeral expense.

His younger brother, Lenoard Smith, told THE WEEKEND STAR that Nancy was very passionate about his community and although he was large in the eyes of persons, he lived a simple life.

“Him is a man weh help people and him nuh have nothing. Just love for people. You can't hungry and go to him and nuh get nuttin. Him will have his last and give it away.”

“Mi miss him. A morning time mi wake and know say mi have to give him his breakfast. But its just life still, him pass away. The entire community loved him. Is like him fulfil his purpose on earth which is to spread love and show that you nuh afi rich fi kind.”

Nancy was recently forced to have one of his legs amputated due to diabetes.

“He died about a week after dem cut off the foot. It was too late when he went to the doctor. Stubborn and hesitation caused it and then him just fret until him dead. Neighbours say he cried a lot at nights,” Smith said.

Sheldon Picart, a resident of Stony Hill, told THE WEEKEND STAR that Nancy was very kind.

“Every party I promoted, Nancy would come at the bar and seh 'gimmi two crate fi pick up d empty bottles, people will thief dem inu. Nuh because u mek money now, always protect your profit,'” he said.

Community groups and also the police in Stony Hill have recognised Nancy for his dedication to the area. In 2015 he was awarded in recognition of exemplary community service for over 20 years rendered into Stony Hill and its environs.


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