Take a risk, start your own business - Bailey


March 10, 2016
Contributed Shawneil Bailey

At age 18, most teenagers are planning their various activities of frolic for their summer vacation, for Shawneil Bailey, however, she utilised her summer vacations to start her own company, Zarabelle.

Bailey and her partner, Toniann Lindo, began what was then a casting service company but has since expanded to a full service management business in 2012.

The University of Technology student said she had always wanted to be her own boss because she believed that office jobs stifled her creativity and posed a challenge to her taking up other opportunities.

"I realised from my summer jobs that with the 8-5 some bosses frowned at the usage of cellphones which resulted in me losing some possible income so I decided to take the leap and start Zarabelle," she explained.

direct marketing

The marketing major has employed the skills acquired at university into her company's daily operations.

"I have done a lot of research based on my studies so I have dissected what works for my business which is direct marketing from my studies and use it to enhance my business," said Bailey.

The 22-year-old said being the Chief Executive Officer of Zarabelle for the past three years has moulded her into a leader.

"Being my own boss has given me the freedom and platform to guide people and become a leader that is worth looking up to," she added.

work responsibilities

Bailey, who is also the president of Club Billionaire at UTECH, says her school and work responsibilities has resulted in her learning to balance.

"I work at nights mostly then I go to school in the morning so I have developed a formula that works for me to do well at everything," she explained.

She has also utilised lessons learnt from running her own company in her tenure as president of the popular club. "The main lesson I carry over is the importance of teamwork to the club doing well, originally, we had challenges but we learned to work as a team," she said.

Bailey said that persons interested in entrepreneurship should not delay starting their own company because of their age.

"I want young persons to take risks because it is important to let go of the safe work and push yourself while young to get started," she encouraged.

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