Marvette Williams beats the odds - Top bartender overcomes childhood struggles

January 26, 2017
Marvette Williams
Marvette Williams

Marvette Williams has faced many struggles growing up in a humble family, but she has used her rough experiences as the fuel to propel her to success.

Today, she is the top bartender at Sandal's Grand Pineapple Resort in Negril with many accolades under her belt.

"My father died when I was in grade seven at Frome Technical High School, so it was just my mother and siblings. I started selling peanuts in my community after school hours to earn some money," Williams told THE STAR.

There, Williams said she learnt the art of winning over customers, which has helped her greatly in her current job as a senior bar attendant at the resort.

The Westmoreland native also tried her hand at rearing pigs, but when heat stroke killed her prized 'Daisy', she realised she had to find another way to earn a living.

She then enrolled in the HEART Trust/NTA restaurant service programme with the aim of breaking into the hotel industry.

"I tried raising pigs and it failed me; but I was a young girl, so I knew I had to do something. From I was in the peanut field, I realised that I rapped well with people. So, I knew the tourism industry would be the same thing," Williams explained

As part of her training, Williams completed an internship at the Grand Pineapple Resort in Negril, where her vivacious personality and natural aptitude for customer service landed her a full-time job.

Having spent 10 years at the resort, the 29-year-old said she has copped all the top awards several times, including the most coveted Team Member of the Year and Most Guest Nominated awards.

Though Williams is not one to toot her own horn, her operations manager, Derwin Tomlinson, was quick to do it for her.

"She's a team player, and you can never know whether she is having a bad day, because she is always so bubbly. I like that she is open to criticism, and I'm really glad she's a part of my team. I expect Marvette to grow and develop further within the company," Tomlinson said.

Always one to aim high, Williams has her eyes set on landing a managerial position in the near future. For others faced with tough situations, she said: "There is always room for growth, and once you are alive, you can accomplish something."

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