Why weightlifting is good for women.


March 07, 2016

For many years contrary to popular belief, it was said that women who engage in any form of weightlifting would start to look like men. This is certainly not true as women naturally can't produce the same level of testosterone as men. Testosterone is one of the major hormones involved in muscle building, women secrete around about 10 per cent of the amounts that males do, and therefore, it would almost be impossible for a woman to appear like a man, not to mention the fact that females naturally also carry higher levels of body fat compared to males.

According to studies, females with a toned appearance are said to be the most appealing in terms of body composition and appearance. The only way to increase muscle tone is by building muscle and burning body fat. To build muscle, one as to lift relatively heavy weights for about eight to twelve repetitions for a minimum of three sets. Essentially, for women to have a toned appearance, I would strongly suggest that they train in a similar fashion to the opposite gender. Other than body-composition goals, the health benefits of lifting weights are huge. It will increase the strength of your bones and muscles plus increase muscle tissue, which crosses over to prevent various diseases and illnesses.

Let us take our minds away from the myths that inhibit us from reaching our goals and incorporate more cross/strength training for optimal health and a good-looking body. To learn more about safe and fun ways to reach you fitness goal, contact Sprytraining via email, at jae@sprytraining.com

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