Effortlessly have a lean body


March 14, 2016

Time to time while out and about on the streets we often see men with super lean bodies.

Some may wonder if they poses a gym membership or have remarkable nutritional advice, some may speculate the appearance is due to good genetics or even go as far as stating they have the secret to maintaining a lean appearance.

Having a lean toned appearance means carrying a relatively low body fat percentage, on average low for most males would be 12 per cent and below and for females 18 per cent and below. Persons who we see walking around with what appears to be an effortless lean body seems to know something that many of us don't.

healthy eating

First of all there is no such thing as clean eating, instead we have healthy eating which mostly contains foods which are whole and real; which is free of hormones, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, pesticides and antibiotics.

Secondly the common place of walking as a means of transport, most of us use buses or cars to get around. This reduces our chances of burning some extra calories and activating unused muscles. what we can do is try to at least walk to most of our destinations under one mile.

Finally most of us fail to give our bodies enough time to recover, not getting close enough to eight hours sleep per night, staying up watching television going against the body's natural circadian rhythm.

We should learn to have a mid-day snooze and a full night's rest, not to mention a reduction in stress hormones. I challenge us all to try and bring back to our lives the old cultural norms which allows us to have the body we want with less effort. Eat no junk food, walk every day and sleep longer.

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