The importance of water for good health


March 21, 2016

A lot of us are walking around dehydrated without even realising it. On average, most persons agree to having just a cupful of water per day. This is way below the recommended amounts needed.

We should consume about two litres of water, or half a gallon. We are constantly losing water from our bodies through sweat and urine.

Most of us drink fluids when we feel thirsty. This is not the best way to remain hydrated, as when you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.

While serving in the military, we were forced to consume a litre of water in one sitting. This was to prevent persons from becoming ill and not being able to perform. The general advice was to drink enough water per day so when passing urine it would be transparent in colour at least three times per day.

good hydration

Urine colour is a vital sign to the hydration levels of the body. Urine that is dark in colour - almost tea-like - means the body is severely dehydrated. However, urine colour going from orange to yellow can indicate that hydration levels are improving. Yellowish urine can also mean that you are consuming some kind of vitamins. A transparent colour normally indicates good hydration levels or, worst, case scenario, overhydration situation.

I suggest flavouring your water in order to make the taste more appealing. Increased water intake will drastically help with general performance from day to day. Use fruits that do not carry high traces of sugar to flavour. Lime adds a refreshing taste to water and can help, too, with digestion and other important functions of the body.

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