Aids Affairs: One night stand leads to STD


March 22, 2016

Dear Counsellor,

One night in early January, I decided to go out on the town. My first stop was at a well-known club, and after a few beers, I ended up having sex with one of the dancing girls employed to the club. Counsellor, I could beat myself when I realised the foolish mistake I made, and to make matters worse, I did not use a condom.

Now, the big problem is that approximately four days later, I noticed that I started having an itching and burning sensation in my penis. Later that day, I noticed a cluster of watery bumps. I was so ashamed of myself that I did not go to a doctor, but luckily, the bumps went away after eight days.

Now Counsellor, I am still concerned. I would like you to tell me what went wrong. I know it is not a sexual disease because I did not take medication and it went away without even leaving a scar.

J. T.

Dear J.T.,

One important lesson to learn from that experience is that when you are under the influence of alcohol, you are not able to make sound decisions. Alcohol impairs the judgement. Very important as well is the fact that symptoms of sexually transmitted infections can go away even without treatment. So the fact that the symptoms you experienced disappeared without a scar does not necessarily mean that you were not infected with a sexually transmitted infection. As a matter of fact, the symptoms you described reflect the behaviour of herpes simplex virus, a sexually transmitted infection. It, therefore, means that those exact symptoms may reappear at another time.

Should you see those symptoms again, please see a doctor right away before symptoms disappear because it is easier to make a diagnosis when the symptoms are present. You must be reminded that if you use a condom every time you have sex, your chances of becoming infected with sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, will be greatly reduced.

For more information on condom use, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections call the AIDS/STD Helpline toll free at 1888-991-4444.

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