Three ways to start exercising


April 04, 2016

Most of us are not disciplined. We go from year to year putting off regular exercise for another time, but it is now time to take progressive steps in order to bring regular activity into our daily lives.


Walking is a lower-level cardiovascular exercise that is fantastic for weight loss. Only 20 minutes per day, at a pace where you will struggle to maintain a conversation, is enough to get the heart rate up to a level where the body can efficiently burn fat. Not only is walking a good cardiovascular exercise, it has a low impact on your joints, therefore reducing the risk of injury.


Sprinting is also a cardiovascular exercise, but the resistance against the body increases making it more of an explosive cardiovascular exercise. Sprinting about 150 metres at about eight times per session, for a total of two sessions per week, is enough to burn a lot of body fat. The reason behind this is that up to 48 hours after doing sprints, the body is still effectively burning fat due to the nature of this kind of exercise. It is advised to do sprinting if your intention is to maintain muscle mass while reducing body fat.


This is resistance training only using your body weight. It is for developing strength and building muscle tissue. Examples of calisthenics exercises are dips, push-ups, etc.

These exercises can be done three to four times per week. For the different exercises, do three or four sets at 12 repetitions. Exercise is for everyone of any fitness level, and we should exercise regularly to keep fit and healthy.

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