How to get rid of man boobs!


April 11, 2016
File An overweight persons digs into a box of fast food.

Man boobs have become more popular over time among males who are battling to control their body weight, a condition that goes by the medical term gynecomastia, which is often described as a stemming from a hormonal imbalance.

This is when males develop female breast-like tissue in the chest. The imbalance stems from the male body producing more than normal female-type hormones like estrogen.

These hormonal imbalances are often fuelled by poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Hormones are chemical signalling sent around our bodies. In the society we live in, we develop habits which take a toll on our normal hormonal activity.

Certain foods we eat contains chemicals which promotes more stress in our bodies and cause us to retain unnecessary body fat in undesirable areas. Avoiding foods that have traces of soy can promote hormonal change which contain a plant form of estrogen called phytoestrogen. Avoiding processed food will also help with maintaining healthy hormonal levels.

Exercise can also play an important role in regulating hormones and reduce body fat. Anaerobic exercise such as sprinting and lifting weights can help to change your hormonal profile by allowing the body the produce more anabolic hormones such as testosterone. A good balance of regular exercise and a balanced, nutritional diet should assist with this issue.

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