Jamaica's biggest killer can be avoided


April 18, 2016

According to statistics, a lot of persons lose their lives to lifestyle illnesses.

This could be avoided by spending more time eating properly and doing daily exercise. We hear these things over and over again about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, but yet we postpone starting a structured programme in order to change our circumstances.

Diabetes and hypertension are Jamaica's biggest killers, claiming around 14 lives per day; this can be avoided by adopting a more disciplined approach to looking after our bodies.

We find excuses like; we have no time due to employment commitments what if we had no health to attend work? We would then not be able to participate in the very thing that presents a reason for us not to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Instead, I urge you now to get out of bed an hour earlier and just walk for one hour a day. Lack of planning when it comes to eating properly is another drawback. If we fail to plan what we will eat ahead of time, chances are we will find food from wherever is convenient when we are hungry, which has not been prepared in a healthy way or has the wrong ingredients, in order for us to remain healthy. If you plan your meals ahead of time, the chances of eating healthy are higher.

I challenge all to consume no fried foods or sodas this week. This will be a step that could add years to your life in the long run.

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