How to shed weight effectively


April 25, 2016

Most persons start an exercise routine with the aim of losing weight.

However within the many systems of exercise there are different results to come by. With weight loss it is suggested that the reduction of body fat should be priority over losing muscle mass, as muscle mass helps to make up your total body weight.

Most women locally who want to lose weight always make it clear that they wish to not loose there womanly curves, which consists of muscles in the hip region. Some men will say that they want to lose the stomach but still want to appear toned.

popular categories

Taking into account the above constraints, doing too much aerobic exercises like running is the last thing you want to do if you fall into one of the above popular categories. Aerobic exercises may include steady state running which most assume to be the ultimate exercise and convenient as it doesn't require any equipment. Doing solely steady state running can result in the body turning into a 'fat trap' this results in consistently doing exercise which helps to just develop your respiratory system but doesn't contribute to the overall result of looking and appearing lean.

According to research, the best way of reducing body fat while maintaining muscle and tone is to do anaerobic training, which is more short burst sprints and weight lifting. Shedding weight comes with training towards end goal appropriately. One should always take into consideration cross training protocols in order to remain injury free and get the look intended.

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