The harsh reality of keeping fit!


May 09, 2016

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To be fit and have a great body requires a certain level of discipline and dedication.

Some of us are able to achieve this and the rest are unable to, due to some not-so-good excuses. We live in a society where having a career/job is mandatory for basic survival, as we need an income to exchange for food, shelter, clothing and leisure.

Therefore, we have to plan most of our days ahead of time in order for us to successfully get everything done, as work life generally takes up the majority of the hours that we are awake.

In order to remain fit, it is key that we exercise regularly. When most persons plan ahead, they often fail to prioritise or make time for daily exercise. So this leads to lack of consistency from doing what is required in order to achieve the results wanted.

If you don't make plans for regular exercise during your daily activities, you will end up not doing any, which leads to the goal not being attained.

On the other hand, the same effort to plan ahead is required for what we eat. Healthily prepared food is not easy to find like fast food. If you want to have a great body, eating properly is essential. With busy lifestyles and lack of planning, we will fail miserably at having a great body.

Let us put more time into planning, so we can do what it takes in order to achieve the results we want. For this week, plan three healthy meals for the week and three days/time when you will do your exercise.

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