Weird News: Sugar-hungry ponies get violent


October 28, 2015

Sugar-hungry ponies get violent

Warnings have been issued in Somerset after sugar-hungry ponies resorted to violence to satisfy their cravings. The animals have been gorging on sweet treats left behind by people enjoying picnics in the area and pony breeders have asked that they ensure they clean up when they leave in order to avoid problems with the ponies.

The ponies have bitten and butted people, even breaking one woman's leg.

Richard Waterman, one of 11 pony breeders in the area, said: "It's nice for people to come up and take a picnic, we don't want them to stop doing that, but they must not leave food around and they definitely must not feed them by hand.

"Just the fact of leaving the food around draws the ponies back into this area where there is a road across the hill, and that in itself causes a problem with vehicles driving and incidents where you get the odd pony run over."

A cat got drunk after getting trapped in a wine cellar. A cat, Moggy Aljosha, drank three bottles of his neighbour's wine in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and ended up with alcohol poisoning, after going missing for seven weeks.

The cat later turned up at his home after his adventures.

His owner, Claudia von Buren, told Bild: "He was more dead than alive when I picked him up. We went to the vets straight away, where they diagnosed him with alcohol poisoning."

Despite needing three days to recover from the hangover, the cat has made a full recovery but will be avoiding alcohol in the future.

A pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after a naked passenger demanded sex with an air hostess. The Sun Express flight from Dublin to Turkey was forced to land in Belgrade, Serbia, after a man stripped off his clothes and got rowdy, with his friends cheering him on.

A Serbian Interior Ministry spokesman said the "Irish citizen was visibly intoxicated, aggressive and very rude.

"He insulted the crew and resisted the security guards. He even tried to physically attack our officers. He was quickly overcome and detained until he sobered up."

It has been claimed that his friends kept drinking at Nikola Tesla Airport in the Belgrade capital, knocking back 250 pints between them.

A football fan in England had to be rescued after falling asleep in a stadium toilet at half-time and waking up seven hours later. The man had lost his shoes, hat and mobile phone after admitting to having a "few beers".

When he woke up at 10:30 p.m., he left the toilet and climbed to the top of a portakabin near the pitch, setting off emergency alarms.

A police spokesperson said: "We had to get the ladder to get him down. He had no shoes on and had lost his mobile phone and his hat. He was more bothered about his hat though, he seemed a smartly dressed lad."

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