Parents should sue for dead babies


October 30, 2015

Two vendors came close to knocking fists this week as they were engaged in a

heated argument over the 19 premature babies who died recently at two health facilities in the island.

They had to be parted by other vendors who expressed shock that they wanted to fight over matters that did not concern them.

"But look how the two women want to fight over the dead babies that don't concern them," one man remarked.

"They could fight and hurt each other and end up in jail, while the ones who are to be blamed for the babies' deaths are not being punished," one vendor added.

"I don't see why those two taking up things on their heads. There is always scandal breaking out in this country. Let me tell you that by next month, another scandal will break and people will forget about the dead babies and focus on the new scandal. My age come off calendar long time, and I know that is scandal run this country," an elderly woman shouted.

The dispute arose between the two vendors when one of them said, "the people should back off the issue of the dead babies because the prime minister has apologised."

"Shut your mouth! You think apology can solve the problem," the other vendor responded.

In response, the other vendor said she was tired of getting up every day to hear people talking about dead babies. "Talking about dead babies, how is that helping me when I can hardly find food to feed my four children?" she asked.

"It is people like you why the country cannot be better because most people like you only think about their belly and don't think about the feelings and concerns of others," the other vendor replied.

"Hungry belly, that is what you call me," she responded as she got up from her stall and grabbed the other woman to hit her.

full explanation

Some men who were nearby pulled her away and told her to "cool it because jail is not a nice place".

"I really don't see why she is getting so angry and want to fight me. All I am saying is that it could be my baby that died and the country needs a full explanation as to what really happened and if there was carelessness on anybody's part," the woman said.

"You have a very good point lady because if I had fathered any of those babies, I would be seriously thinking to file a lawsuit," one of the men, who

parted them, remarked.

Parents of the dead babies may be considering filing suits against the hospitals, but they will first have to ascertain if negligence, or lack of proper facilities, or lack of proper care resulted in the deaths.

It has been reported that the babies died at the University Hospital of the West Indies and the Cornwall Regional Hospital as a result of being infected with the klebsiella and serratia


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