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November 09, 2015
Ian Allen/Photographer Students at the Monsignor Colin Bryan Preparatory School in Old Harbour, St Catherine, say prayers to start their Culture Day at the School last Friday.

News Briefs

Appoint court officer with sign language expertise

President of the Senate, Senator Floyd Morris is advocating that the Ministry of Justice appoint at least one court officer with sign language expertise in each parish, to improve the deaf population's access to the Justice System. "It is very important because we have a deaf population... (and) their rights are violated from time to time, and we have to equip the staff to understand how to relate and how to communicate with these individuals," Senator Morris stated.

Refurbished Santa Cruz RM Court re-opened

History was created last Thursday, when the country's first vertical wheelchair lift access to a Courthouse, was commissioned into service at the Santa Cruz Resident Magistrate's (RM) Court by Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding. "The installation of this vital piece of equipment will ensure the independence of persons in wheel chairs in accessing the two-storey building. The 'inclinator' as it is called, is the first of its kind in the island's courts," the Justice Minister stated. He said the installation was a significant achievement given the passage of the Disabilities Act in 2014.

Students urged to be more responsible on social media

Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna, is urging students to be more responsible in their use of social media, so as to ensure their safety. "Everybody here has some technology device...many of you, on the road, at home become so disconnected. Our hash tag for this youth month is "I Am Connected" but the truth is you have disconnected your lives from so many other things that you fail to realise that it has become a security hazard," she pointed out. Hanna advised the students to turn off the locator application that are on android phones.

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