200 Clarendon seniors feted

December 14, 2015
Horace Fisher Some of the senior who were feted

Christmas is still more than two weeks away, but for some 200 Clarendon's senior citizens, the festivities was brought forward after they were feted with a sumptuous three-course Christmas' dinner by businessman Anthony 'Tony' Smatt recently in May Pen.

Smatt's senior citizen Christmas' dinner which is in its 14th year, is traditionally done closer to Christmas Day, however, because of the current political climate, this year dinner was served earlier than plan according to the philanthropist.

Smatt, a former Caribbean Lion Club's governor noted that Christmas treats are mostly geared towards children, and sometime the seniors are forgotten in the Yuletide's festivities.

"The Christmas' dinner concept is an adaptation from my late father, and I have been bringing joy to the seniors in the parish for the last 14 years," Smatt, the immediate past president of the Clarendon Lay Magistrate explained.

"It is traditionally closer to the actual day (December 25), but because of the politics I decided to give them an early Christmas."

The businessman said he recognised the hardships that some of the elderly faced on a daily basis and is cognisant that scores of them will no enjoy a decent Christmas meal, hence the effort to make the occasion a memorable one for them.

He said there was a generous, well-prepared portion of ham, chicken, fish, vegetable, side dishes, tropical juices and dessert.

"I am making sure that this one is a memorable occasion for them," Smatt told The Star while seniors rocked to Christmas Carols and after dinner's dessert.

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