Cops seized J$5M worth of ganja


December 14, 2015

More than 1000 pounds of ganja worth more than J$5M, were seized during operations led by the Narcotics police in St James last Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, police intercepted a Toyota Corolla car on the Lilliput main road in the parish. A search of the vehicle was conducted and nine knitted bags containing compressed ganja weighing about 365.5 pounds were found. The driver of the vehicle was arrested.

A day later, investigations led the police to premises on Willow Drive, Pitfour in the parish. A house was searched and 18 knitted bags containing ganja were found. An additional eight bags were discovered in a Nissan Saloon car that was parked in the yard, making a total of 760 pounds. A man and a woman were taken into custody.

The estimated street value of the 1125.5 pounds of ganja is J$5,627,500.

Those in custody are to be interviewed in the presence of their attorneys, after which it is expected that they will be charged.

The police are encouraging members of the public to report all criminal activities by calling the police 119 emergency number, Crime Stop at 311 or the nearest police station.

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