'Return my goods or else' - Popular store owner warns thieves caught on camera

December 24, 2015

Popular store owner warns thieves caught on camera

A popular store owner is threatening to release footage of an intruder who broke into her store and stole several items between Monday night and Tuesday morning, THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that the promoter-turned-store owner, Kimone 'Chickenback' or Kimone 'PerfectWaistLine', who runs Perfect Waisteline Boutique at shop 24 Central Plaza in Half-Way Tree, was robbed of over $50,000 worth of clothing and accessories.

According to a post on her Instagram page, she is giving the hoodlums, who even stole the clothes hangers, a few hours to return the goods or she will release their identity to the public.

The break-in occurred at a pivotal time, as the Christmas shopping season is in full swing with businesses trying to maximise on sales.

The hoodlums and their actions were possibly caught on camera, as clothing hangers were found on the floor in an area believed to be the entrance to the store, where a surveillance camera is positioned.

jungle justice

It is, however, unclear how they entered the store.

Kimone Perfect Waistline in a post to her Facebook said, "You couldn't leave the hangers?? Whoever you are, you are very heartless. Yuh tief all di hangers ... Just know when I find your pic on the footage I will be using jungle justice. This hurt mi..."

In another post she said, "Over $50,000 worth of goods! I am 22. Why unuh a try mash me up? I will be reviewing the footage."

Our news team gathered that six olive green high waist pants, six blue high waist shorts, three camel fringed dresses, two velvet camel dress and 11 board hangers have so far been discovered missing form her establishment.

Efforts to speak with Kimone Perfect Waistline on Tuesday were futile. The St Andrew Central police said they are investigating the robbery.

Perfect Waisteline Boutique is popular among female shoppers, as she is known for authentic waist shapers, butt lifters, fat reducing gels, handbags, purses, swimsuits cover ups, flip flops, fragrances and accessories.

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