Clarendon seniors get Xmas packages

December 30, 2015
File A smiling, elderly man accepts a Christmas package fron Deputy Superintendent Hornet Williams last year.
Horace Fisher Alberta Williamson, 96, from Canaan Heights, receives a gift package from DSP Hornet Williams

With the Yuletide season celebrated as a special time to give and receive, some 50 Clarendon senior citizens were left smiling after Deputy Superintendent Hornet 'Super Willie' Williams treated them with Christmas goodies.

In explaining his rationale for

raising the funds and dipping into his own pocket to treat the seniors, the operations officer for the Clarendon police division said that as a youngster, he was treated with kindness and is now reciprocating that gesture.

He said many persons, especially the elderly, will struggle to have a decent Christmas, therefore he is just playing his part to ensure that as much of them as possible have a decent season.

"I remember kindness, so I am just returning thanks by sharing a bit of my own personal resources with the elders in my division," Williams said after issuing the last of the 50 Christmas packages to the senior citizens. "It is something I have been doing for the last four years ... three years while I was stationed in the Kingston Eastern division. And now that I am in Clarendon, I am just carrying on the Christmas cheers here."

Williams, who was joined by colleagues DSP Errol Graham and members of the Clarendon police Safety and Security Branch in the distributions of the Christmas packages in some of the parish's most volatile communities, was grateful for the support of his colleagues and sponsors.

"I must give thanks for the support of persons who made this a success ... my colleagues, the kindness of some friends and the very persons who accepted our kindness," the senior cop declared.

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