PayDay for lottery players


January 29, 2016
@Normal:Brian George

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) has rolled-out a new and exciting game - PayDay- in which players will have a chance to win $36 million cumulatively over 20 years.

Since Monday, players are able to place their wagers at any SVL lottery agents island-wide. With the purchase of a ticket for only $100, lucky winners will have a chance to win an extra PayDay of $150,000 monthly for 20 years if their five numbers match the winning numbers drawn by the lottery.

"PayDay is a game that offers our players a chance to earn monthly winnings instead of awarding a lump sum prize. For some, it will be an addition to their monthly salary, while for other players we offer an opportunity to secure an income.

This additional revenue may assist players to cover monthly expenses or to experience a life-changing event," Brian George, president and CEO of SVL, said.

five numbers

To win PayDay, players must match all five numbers between one 35 in any order. Winners must claim their prizes at the SVL Prize Payment Centre at the R Danny Williams Centre in New Kingston. Players may also win a prize by matching three or four numbers. The winnings for both Match 3 and Match 4 tier are $100. All winning tickets must be claimed and validated no later than 90 days from the draw date.

PayDay is aired every Thursday and Sunday on TVJ at 5 p.m. Players can also tune into IRIE FM and HITZ 92 FM.

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