GAY SQUATTERS RETURN ‘HOME’ …say housing promises were not fulfilled


March 24, 2016
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- say housing promises were not fulfilled

Over 30 cross-dressers and homosexuals have returned to an upscale St Andrew neighbourhood from which they were previously evicted because the promise of a home was not honoured.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that the homeless men, according to some residents of the neighbourhood, have been a nuisance since they returned some three months ago, and keep growing in numbers.

Men were removed from the property in 2013 when a large crew swooped down and demolished the house, which served as a haven for a clan of rowdy, homosexual squatters.


When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the area yesterday, the residents were quick to express their displeasure about the return of their unwelcomed neighbours.

"Dem need fi go somewhere else. They are a nuisance to us around here," said a female resident, while another added that they often steal water and fruits from trees.

A domestic helper, who our news team spotted at a gate, said, "When we a come or leave work, we afraid cause dem will rob we."

However, claims of nuisance, were quickly refuted when a group of the cross-dressers spoke to our news team while on location.

"A nuh we a di trouble makers. A di one dem weh go New Kingston rob people and dem ting deh," he said.

makeshift tents

Another told THE WEEKEND STAR that empty promises from 'big' men about securing a home for them is what led them to return to the area.

Our news team counted at least six which were also covered with tarpaulin. The men also said they have no water, but on occasions some residents bring them food and water, while asking them to keep the noise down.

When our news team called the government-issued cell phone for head of the St Andrew Central Police, Senior Superintendent Millicent Sproul-Thomas, we were told she was in a meeting.

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