WITCHCRAFT RAMPANT IN CHURCH.... Senior members accused of using Obeah to starve women of blessings

March 26, 2016

.... Senior members accused of using obeah to starve women of blessings

A group of women claim that senior church members in a Corporate Area church are 'killing' them with obeah and they are in dire need of assistance.

"We are the victims and we are crying out because it's going too far now. Obeah and witchcraft hot, you know!," lamented Alicia James*, a former official in the church.

She told The STAR that upon becoming a member of the church in 2008, she was asked to submit photos of herself and her family members as well as a list of their problems so they can be prayed for. James claims this is how the wicked church members were able to obeah her and her family.

"When I went to the church, I had family issues and it was resolved. I got a salary increase where I was, and then a couple months down the road, I got another job," James recalled.

However, she said things took a turn for the worse when some senior members in the church noticed that her blessing cup was overflowing.

"They are saying that they have been in the church for years and they have not received blessings, and it's unfair for people to come in the church after them and get blessings," she said.

"It reached a point where I end up with a sore on my ankle from September and it's something that has been getting bigger. I have been to the doctor about it and I take the medication they gave me, but I know it wouldn't work because it is a spiritual thing, so I pray," James said.

"They threw the blow at me because they went and got reading [from the obeah man], and discovered that one of my daughters is going to become a pilot and one is going to become a pastor's wife."

marry pastor

"The daughter that is supposed to marry the pastor get it worse. They send demons on her make she have headaches, blurry eyes, everything that you can think of," James said.

Now James says she has to be in prayer mode constantly just to stay alive.

"If we weren't serving God, we woulda dead a hundred times. When me get up midnight, sometimes me no go back a my bed because me haffi up whole night a fight, wrestle, and pray to God," she said.

Joan Francis*, who was also an evangelist at the same church, said she is having a similar experience to James, and has become completely frustrated with the situation.

Francis said she, along with her aunt and daughter, started attending the church in 2013 and experienced a multitude of blessings there, receiving a new job and promotion, as well as a turnaround in her financial life.

But she soon became a target for the obeah workers in the church.

"First, you start getting the headaches, then you notice your life not going the way it's supposed to go. The first place they attack is your financial life, and people toe a rotten off and all dem little nastiness there."

She said the obeah working is blatant and rampant in the church. "One [church member] came on my left and one came on my right and literally sprinkling me in front of me," she recalled.

When THE STAR contacted the president of the organisation, he said it was his first time hearing of the incidents, and added that he is willing to offer mediation in the matter.

"We have helped persons who come to the church affected by witchcraft, but our members do not perform witchcraft against anyone," he said.

* Names changed

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