Plenty talk, little help for Jermaine Barrett

April 20, 2016

Since THE STAR featured Jermaine Barrett, a young man who is suffering from an abnormal growth in his face, he says he has been receiving an outpouring of encouragement and promises of financial support from both locals and internationals alike.

However, Barrett says very few persons have actually delivered on their promises to help finance his treatment.

The 26-year-old, who hails from Montego Bay, St James, says he has been diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a cancerous tumour, but he is not content with the treatment he has been receiving locally.


first treatment


He says local doctors have recommended chemotherapy treatment every three weeks, which costs $45,000 each time, and a kind stranger paid for him to do the first treatment on April 12.

"Since then, I haven't seen any improvements. I have been feeling a lot of pain, the swelling is there just the same, and I have difficulty sleeping. To me, it's [the treatment] killing me, it's making me weak, I have a loss of appetite, and I vomit a lot," Barrett explained.

The young man has his heart set on going overseas for treatment as he says local doctors have advised him that he would be better treated there. However, he lost his job as a chef due to his affliction, and cannot finance this.

"I really want to get better. I'm reaching out to everyone, even the prime minister or anyone who can help me to go overseas to do the surgery. I really appreciate everything that people are trying to do for me so far," he said.

While he waits for assistance, Barrett continues to experience excruciating pain, and other side effects of his growth. "I get so sick, sometimes I can't really swallow because my throat is so swollen. I can't breathe through my nose, I can't smell anything, so I have to be breathing through my mouth. I have difficulty seeing sometimes in the sick eye. Sometimes a lot of water run from the other eye," he said.

Barrett, who has been suffering from the facial swelling since early last year, theorises that it might have been triggered in 2008 when overseas doctors extracted his tooth at a free health fair in St James.

If you want to assist Barrett, you may donate funds to his NCB account 434 789 907, Baywest branch, or call him at 1(876) 577-7189.

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