June 21, 2016
Bad Boy Trevor
Contributed The front portion of Bad Boy Trevor's Mitsubishi Gallant motorcar which he crashed into a median after he was allegedly fired at by gunmen on Sunday morning.

Actor Bad Boy Trevor has claimed that gunmen fired shots at him in New Kingston on Sunday morning causing him to crash his Mitsubishi Gallant motor car as he tried to escape.

The actor, whose given name is Garfield Reid, said he was on his way from a nightclub, heading north along Trafalgar road when stopped at a traffic light.

He said another motor car pulled up alongside his vehicle and that men on board that car brandished a firearm and pointed it at him.

“The two vehicle dem pull up at the same time. Two men in the back and one pointed a gun at me and mi drive off. Two shots were fired and I crashed into the median. I think it was a robbery attempt and not an attempt on my life,” Reid said.

“It was a white (Toyota) Mark II. Dem never bother to come at me when mi crash because other vehicles were coming so they turn back and go up Lady Musgrave Road direction”, Reid told THE STAR.

The father of three, including a newborn, told THE STAR, that he "wished it had happened on another day."

"Leading up to the incident, we were promoting the Father’s Day party to celebrate my Father’s Day as well. After the incident, people kept calling me to ask if the party was still on. The party went well, people came out to wish me long life knowing they could have lost me," he said.

"It was a good feeling, and a sombre feeling," Reid said. 

Meanwhile, he told THE STAR that the situation has caused him to be fearful.

“It mek me scared fi pull up a any stop light. I never had any fear of going anywhere in Jamaica. I never felt fear of any inner-city community because I am careful of my surroundings,” said Reid.

Reid said an account of the incident was made at the Half-Way Tree Police Station. However, at press time last night THE STAR was unable to verify when a report was received by the police.




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