Lady Saw wows at White House with powerful testimony

June 25, 2016
Lady Saw
Marion Hall
Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw.

Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, is today bursting with joy after what she considers a successful showing at the White House earlier this week.

"After my performance there was not a dry eye in the room. Everybody was talking about my testimony even after it was done. I did my new single, I Had Jesus, and I was explaining that when I was writing the song, the voice of the Lord told me not to write it about me. It's about women who have been forced into prostitution, women who have been beaten and raped, forced into drugs," Hall told THE STAR.

Hall, the once undisputed Queen of the Dancehall, performed and testified at the Caribbean and African Faith - Based Leadership Conference, 2016 at the White House in Washington on Wednesday.

The goal of Caribbean and African Faith - Based Leadership Conference is to promote transformational leadership in the Caribbean and the African region.

"It was wonderful being around so many of God's elect. God is awesome. I got to meet some powerful ministers, ambassadors for Christ," she told THE STAR. Hall said she was happy to have shared her testimony at the event.

"I explained that I was a victim of rape and that I should've been a dead woman. But I'm still standing today because of my Saviour Jesus Christ," she told THE STAR.

Hall also told THE STAR that while performing she felt God's anointing.

"When I was performing, I felt the presence of the Lord upon me and in the house, and when I was done everyone was seeing the awesomeness of Christ. It has nothing to do with me and they were in awe," she said.

The newly minted Christian talked about what it was like in the White House for the first time.

"When we got there, we went to the gate to be checked just like when you passing through an airport. I was among the first to go in, and I went and sat in one of the reserved seats. The devil was working hard to hinder me from going, but I was prayed up so it all worked out."

Hall said she's happy with where she is in life right now and the doors the Lord has been opening up for her.

"It's not about me. The way I feel I know I can stand on His word, on His promise and whatever He said to me, He's fulfilling them. He said that what He has planned for me is gonna be bigger than me. This is the start of it and I'm just honoured to be His servant, and I'm here to just do his work," Hall said.

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