NO GLASS IN NESTLE BABY FOOD …Company says Whatsapp message is a false

August 13, 2016

... Company says Whatsapp message is a false

A message circulating on Whatsapp, purportedly from Nestle, recalling banana baby food products "because it may contain glass" is erroneous, Nestle Jamaica told THE STAR yesterday.

Nestle Jamaica told our news team that they are aware of the disingenuous Whatsapp message as it was brought to their attention.

Shawna Kidd, Corporate Communication and Consumer Relations Manager, at Nestle told THE STAR that "the message has gone viral across the world. All Nestle offices have been made aware of the message. It is erroneous."

A statement released by the company says, "Nestle Jamaica is aware of inaccurate reports being circulated on social media pertaining to banana baby food. Safety and quality are a non-negotiable priority for Nestle and we would like to inform parents and our consumers that all GERBER products are safe to be consumed."

Kidd also shed light on how the message came into circulation, stressing that their products are completely safe.

"There was a recall of one batch of banana baby food in jar that happened only in France in June 2011. The investigation of this case concluded that this was an isolated case involving one jar, and the case was closed," she said.

THE STAR understands that the Whatsapp message had several consumers on edge as it was false news was spreading like wildfire.

The hoax message was also circulating in South Africa and the United Kingdom, forcing Nestle to issue press releases clarifying the issue.

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