15-year-olds held for downtown murder

August 18, 2016

Two teenagers implicated in a shooting incident which occurred in downtown Kingston yesterday remain in custody and will be charged soon.

Information reaching THE STAR is that one of the teen shot and killed an unidentified man about 4 p.m. in full view of others in the busy commercial district.

Scores of people were sent scampering for cover as loud explosions were heard. THE STAR gathered that the deceased was shot eight times, four to his head. The teens were cornered and held by the police who were quickly on the scene.

Superintendent Wilbert Campbell, commander for Kingston Central Police Division, told our news team that the police recovered the firearm used to commit the murder.

"Two suspects are now in custody. Both of them are the same age, 15 years old. One of them was involved in a murder sometime ago, but nobody was willing to come forward," Campbell told The Star.

The police said that they have enough evidence to connect the teens to yesterday's murder.

"This one though, they won't get away with this one because we have all the evidence," Campbell told our news team.

Investigations are ongoing.

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