Two men murdered in downtown Kingston

September 01, 2016

With two murders in the last 24 hours in the downtown Kingston, crime scene investigators have been kept busy searching for clues to solve several cases, as gun-touting gangsters kill at will.

In the latest incident, gunmen struck on Johns Lane, killing one man at about 3 p.m. yesterday.

THE STAR understand that yesterdays killing follows another incident on Tuesday, where gunmen shot three people, killing one at North Parade in downtown Kingston.

Police reports are that the three were watching a game of cards being played about 11:15 p.m., when men armed with guns approached and shot them.

With numerous murders and shooting taking place in the area in recent weeks, there has been heightened concerns about the increase in violence in downtown Kingston.

Vendors have also said that they have been struggling with less than flattering sales during the usually busy back-to-school period, as shoppers are seemingly hesitant to risk venturing in the area because of the crime level.

Over the last few days, the Area Four police, which commands the hot bed areas of Kingston West and Kingston Central, have released the names of men who they believe can assist investigators with the current crime problem.

THE STAR gathered that some have turned themselves in while others remain at large.

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