Goats killed, homes destroyed by fire

September 08, 2016
One of the trucks used by the Jamaica Fire Brigade.

Fire destroyed two homes, one partially, on Hundred Lane off Red Hills Road, St Andrew, yesterday, and although no human life was lost, the inferno killed three goats.

A juvenile alerted his grandmother, who owns one of the houses, about the fire after he smelled smoke. "She a cook and leave the pot on the fire, and her grandson come tell her that him smell smoke and fire burning. She a run him inside back and people tell her to go and check it out," a resident said.

The woman, who lives with her son and grandchildren, did not see anything when she made an initial check. But, after stepping out the dwelling, it got engulfed in flames.


cylinder explodes


"The people inna the community help her with buckets of water and hose until the fire truck came. A cylinder was in the house and it exploded. The fire spread next door and kill off three goats," another resident said.

Efforts to speak with the owner of the goats proved futile. "Him a comedy enuh, a ride up and down a laugh and talk bout dem kill him pickney dem (the goats)," a resident said.

Communication officer for the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Emilio Ebanks, said one house was completely destroyed, while the other was partially burnt. "A unit from Half-Way Tree responded then we sent another from York Park," he said, adding that the cause of the fire was not yet ascertained.

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