Woman gets community service for damaging husband's bike

September 09, 2016

A woman was sentenced to 40 hours of community service in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday for throwing rocks at her husband's bike.

Doreen Williams pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property when she stood in front of Judge Maxine Ellis.

Allegations are that on August 21, Williams had a dispute with her husband, and during their argument, she threw stones at his motorcycle and the door of their home.

However, in court, her husband seemed ready to make amends with his wife as he only asked for $3,000 for the damages.

“Mi and har live so long and a mi babymother, so mi jus a ask fi $3,000,” the husband said.

But Judge Ellis was not moved.

“Are you crazy? You had a disagreement with the man and you throw stones?” Ellis asked Williams. “Stop it!”

“I am sentencing you to 40 hours of community service. Go learn fi tidy up something," Ellis said. 

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