MY FATHER MURDERED MY MOTHER …Woman claims dad changed name, killed new wife in New York

September 21, 2016

... Woman claims dad changed name, killed new wife in New York

A woman in Portmore, St Catherine, has made a police report claiming that a man who was arrested in New York last Wednesday for slashing his wife's throat is her father, who she believes also murdered her mother in 2005.

Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay told THE STAR that a woman of a Portmore address made a report to the Greater Portmore Police Station last Friday after recognising Beresford Ashley on the Internet as her father, who she has not seen since the murder of her mother 11 years ago.

compelling enough

"The girl indeed made a report to the police in Portmore on Friday, and we are able to confirm that there was in fact a murder in 2005," Lindsay said.

"They are now trying to resurrect that matter because she came forward, and the information that she is now providing is compelling enough for them to revisit the matter."

However, when contacted about the report she made to the police, the woman would only confirm that her mother was murdered in 2005. She refused to comment further on the allegations.

Meanwhile, Lindsay was unable to confirm if the man was a suspect in the 2005 murder, but said the police would need a witnessing statement from the woman.

mutual agreement

"I suppose if the young lady is ready to give a witnessing statement then the investigator will examine the information and determine if her father is really a suspect in the murder of her mother," Lindsay said.

"If it turns out that he is a suspect then based on our mutual agreement with our overseas counterpart, he will be requested to return to Jamaica to answer to these charges."

The police were unable to confirm whether or not Beresford Ashley had in fact changed his name and living overseas.

Beresford Ashley, 55, was arrested last Wednesday in Brooklyn, New York, for the murder of Karen Ashley, according to an article on News 12 Brooklyn. He was arrested hours after Karen Ashley was found with her throat slashed.

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