'History will not repeat itself' ....Constable apologises for attempted suicide stunt

October 07, 2016
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Constable Gavin Wisdon has apologise for his his antics which saw him climbing atop a commercial building in Mandeville, Manchester and threatening to kim to his death.

Constabulary Gavin Wisdom, the policeman who threatened to jump from a building in Manchester two weeks ago, has expressed remorse for the high drama that unfolded.

During an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, the lawman, who has been enlisted since 2007, said he was under immense pressure and only resorted to the roof stunt to get attention to address issues he was facing, particularly in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

"Let me make a public apology to my family and extended family, loved ones, business community, colleagues, and everybody. I had no intention of jumping', the cop said.

"However, something led me to go up so high and I am going to reassure the public now because I have affirmed in the organisation to serve and protect, so am now reassuring the public that history will not repeat itself."

The constable, dressed in uniform sporting a face mask, was equipped with a rope, seemingly ready to hang himself.

Eyewitnesses observed that he was there for more than two hours, knotting the rope, placing it around his neck and removing it several times as if uncertain about what he actually wanted to do.

Widsom told THE WEEKEND STAR team that he is fighting for injustice as he is stressed out after enduring pain and suffering from challenges in the constabulary.

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