Slow pace of justice system frustrates Khajeel Mais' sister

October 07, 2016
Kimberly and Khajeel Mais

Kimberly Mais, whose teen brother was killed in July 2011, said she feels compelled, as a big sister, to seek justice for her brother.

Mais' 17-year-old brother, Khajeel Mais, was allegedly shot and killed when the driver of a BMW X6 allegedly opened fire on the taxi in which he was travelling.

Patrick Powell, a businessman of Belgrade Loop, Kingston 19, who was implicated in the shooting death of Mais, was charged with murder, shooting with intent, illegal possession of firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, and failure to produce firearm for inspection in 2011.

However, five years later, the case is yet to be tried.

For Kimberly Mais, it is taking far too long for the wheels of justice to turn in this matter.

A trial date is set for next Wednesday, October 12, in the Home Circuit Court.

Paula Llewllyn, the director of public prosecutions told THE WEEKEND STAR that the case is one of 500 on the court list and that there are only four courtrooms.

She said that a deputy director has been assigned to have conduct of the matter.

When asked by our news team what she missed most about her brother, Mais said, "I miss his caring heart and the way he knew how to brighten the darkest days."

Jovial and energetic were also used to describe his character.

According to Mais, her family has still not been able to cope with losing Khajeel.




"The pain is unbearable. What makes it harder for us is that he was the baby of the family and we didn't lose him naturally. He had no ailments, no complaints. I, for one, cannot say I have truly been happy since July 1, 2011. I'm living an ongoing nightmare. The whole community has a difficult time coping," she said.

The entire ordeal has been a lesson to Mais who said that her family's ordeal could fall on anyone.

Mais is hoping that her plea to the authorities to expedite the matter has not fallen on deaf ears and that even if Khajeel has been forgotten by anyone, thoughts of her brother have never left her.

She keeps a photo of him on her dresser and his Kingston College tie is a staple inside her car, hung around the mirror.

"I wake up with him on my mind most mornings, and when I pray at nights, I tell the Lord that I know Khajeel is in Heaven, being one of his best angels, keeping everyone jovial and happy like he did here on Earth before his untimely death," she said.

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