Jamaicans scammed in fake Cayman hotel job offer

November 05, 2016


Unscrupulous persons posing as hotel owners for a non-existent Cayman Islands resort have tricked several Jamaicans seeking employment in the Cayman Islands out of thousands of dollars.

THE STAR is yet to find out how many Jamaicans have fallen victim to the scam, as some may be too embarrassed to report the crime.

However, investigators attached to the Royal Cayman Island Police Service (RCIPS) have identified a perpetrator, and said they have gathered several reports from Jamaican victims and at least one Cayman resident.

Reports are that the scammers would contact people in The Cayman Islands with local bank accounts, asking them to use their accounts to hold the "work permit" fees that were collected.

Our news team understands, after the funds were received, the money was returned to individuals in Jamaica via remittance.


Work permit


THE STAR gathered that after completing an "interview phase" for the job, applicants were asked to send $400 to the Cayman Islands to pay for a work permit.

Our news team contacted Detective Sergeant Delroy Dire of the RCIPS, who confirmed that the scam originates from Jamaica.

"The perpetrators are in Jamaica. We got wind of it by persons applying. We got a pamphlet (flyer) and identified discrepancies. It contained typo and we did not know the hotel," he said, noting that the non-existent hotel was called 'Hotel Grand Cayman'

Dire also told THE STAR that the Fraud Squad in Jamaica has already been contacted to assist with the investigation.

THE STAR was also told that the Cayman police were able to stop some of the transactions and the money was returned to the victims.

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