Gangsters place million dollar price tag on each other

November 22, 2016

The police high command are aware of price tags being placed on the heads of members of warring factions within the Area Four police division which comprises of Kingston and St Andrew.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the race to kill is on, and according to the police, gangsters have issued $1 million dollar bounties against each other and wished good luck in the hunt for each other's lives.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Devon Watkis made the disclosure yesterday during a press conference at the Office of the Commissioner of Police.

race to kill

"We are also aware that gangsters themselves have issued threats against specific members of each faction, consistency of $1million for each person. The police are being threatened but the gangsters are also issuing threats against themselves reminding people good luck as the race to kill is on," ACP Watkis said,

THE STAR understands that these threats were issued to specific persons.

The police also told our news team that gang warfare is currently occurring across the island despite efforts by the security forces to curtail crime and violence.

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