Woman throws bleach on schoolgirl during dispute

December 15, 2016

A woman who admitted to throwing bleach on a schoolgirl during a fight will have to stand trial in the matter after explaining to a parish judge that the child attacked her because of a tie.

Charged with assault occasioning bodily harm is Angela Davis.

When the matter was called up yesterday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, Parish Judge Tracy-Ann Johnson, after hearing from the accused, ordered that the matter be tried.


Liquid Substance


The trial will begin February 28.

Reports are that Davis threw a liquid substance, later identified as bleach, on the minor, causing her to receive blisters on her skin.

Davis, however, told the court that she was coming from work and found a tie on the ground.

"I went in the lane with the tie to ask whose tie it was because I didn't know who it belonged to. She (complainant) saw me and started to quarrel with me and spit at me, but it didn't catch me. She then ran towards me with two bottles and threw them at me. I was hit. Then I took up a bottle, I didn't know what was inside of it, and threw it at her."




The court heard that the school tie belonged to the complainant's brother.

Davis told the court that she knew what she did was wrong, and that she had apologised to the child's mother.

Parish Judge Tracy-Ann Johnson told the accused that she heard enough to refer the matter to trial.

A fingerprint order was made against Davis and her bail was extended until the start of trial.

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